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Trond's Pool Care  

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Q: Should I handle pool repairs myself, or hire a professional?

A: A professional should always perform large repair projects such as tile repair, liner repair, replastering, and major equipment repairs.

Q: How do I know how many gallons of water are in my pool?

A: To determine the total gallons of your pool, follow these simple equations:

Rectangular pool
Length X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = total Gallons

Round Pool
Diameter X Diameter X Average Depth X 5.9 = total Gallons

Oval Pool
Long Diameter X Short Diameter X Average Depth X 5.9 = total Gallons

Q: Why is controlling my pool’s pH so important?

A: pH is the measure of alkalinity or acidity in your pool. Pools with unbalanced pH levels are uncomfortable for bathers and can cause eye irritations, skin discomfort, and hair and bathing suit bleaching. Too much acidity in a pool is corrosive to pipes, filters and metal fixtures. Too much alkalinity in a pool causes “scales” to adhere to metal fixtures and reduces the effectiveness of chlorine.

FACT: The Virginia Greame Baker (VGB) Act was passed by Congress with the support of the The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) and Its members. The Act imposes requirements for all drain covers, and requires retrofitting of all public pools and spas.  The Act also encourages each state to adopt entrapment avoidance laws for residential pools and spas and barrier requirements to prevent drowning.